It was the love of nature and the dream of a better environment, which made some men do biological farming. So was BIOFRUITS Assini, founded in 1994, one of the first companies which started in the Argolis, the famous historical landscape on the Peloponnese, to grow fruit and vegetables only in an ecological way.
Today we grow oranges, lemons, grapes and vegetables without any chemical substances only with organic fertilizers from farms which also follow the way of ecological farming. Our plantations are far away from big roads and sources of pollution, too. The water we are using comes from crystal clear springs of the Argolis. Our production methods are in accordance to the rules of the European Union for ecological farming.
For interim storage we use our own cold house in Assini, before we export our products to the countries of the EU. We put every product in paper-boxes on euro-palets. The fruits are absolutely free of any kind of preservatives, gas and radiation.
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